5 Half Term School Holiday Photography Themes & Ideas

5 Half Term School Holiday Photography Themes & Ideas: Selwick Bay : Flamborough Head

With some schools closed for the half-term break this week we thought we’d give you some suggestions on where you can go with the kids that’ll keep them entertained and still give you the opportunity to get your camera out of its bag.



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1. The Coast

5 Half Term School Holiday Photography Themes & Ideas: Coastal photography

With arcades, beaches, ice cream and fish and chips, the coast is a great place for a family day-trip. Plus, with lighthouses, piers, promenades and plenty of other photographic opportunities available your camera won’t be spending too long in its bag.

Here are 10 techniques for you to take a look at before you head for the seaside:

  1. Coast Close-Up Photography With Compacts
  2. 5 Tips To Improve Your Coastal Landscapes
  3. Photographing Lighthouses In The Landscape
  4. Long Exposures At The Coast
  5. Coast Photography Tips For The ‘Golden’ Hours
  6. How To Photograph What The Sea Washes Up
  7. Photography Piers
  8. Photography Under The Board Walk
  9. Lighthouse Photography Tips
  10. Out Of Season Coast Photos

2. Castles

5 Half Term School Holiday Photography Themes & Ideas:

From sweeping majestic castles with interactive features to ruins of castle walls that once protected their occupiers, these great structures offer ample opportunities for photographers and their gear. Attractions such as Warwick Castle are both photogenic and entertaining thanks to tours and other activities taking place during opening hours. The summer months tend to be the times when more entertainment is put in place, however, a quick search online will soon show you what locations are hosting what events/activities during the half-term break.

For tips on equipment choices and shooting angles, have a read of these castle photography techniques:

3. The Zoo

5 Half Term School Holiday Photography Themes & Ideas:

A day out at the zoo is something loved by children and families, but they’re also a great place for photographers, too. They’re brimming with photographic subjects but the screens and fences that protect them, and us can become a bit of a nightmare for photographers. They put distance between you and the animal and as you can’t generally photograph over them you have to shoot through them. However, there are a few ways you can make your day out at the zoo more of a photography success as we explain in these articles:

4. Your Local Park

5 Half Term School Holiday Photography Themes & Ideas:

Among the concrete jungle, there are pockets of green that break the grays of the city skyline up and whether you’re snapping the blankets of alternating color from a distance or are among the trees yourself, city parks have plenty of photographic opportunities to keep you busy. Plus, with plenty of grass for kicking a ball around and swings for entertainment, your children won’t be bored either!

Have a read of these tutorials for park photography tips:

5. Set-Up A Portrait Shoot

5 Half Term School Holiday Photography Themes & Ideas: Portrait in the sun

One way to keep the kids entertained at home that’ll still give you the opportunity to get your camera out is a portrait shoot. This could be indoors or out, posed and with guidance or have a more candid style to it. Whichever you decide, here are a few tutorials to help you out. Plus, you’ll find even more portrait-related articles in ePHOTOzine’s techniques section.

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