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An Australian news network has apologized after a picture of a female MP was allegedly modified to appear more revealing ahead of her appearance on a programme.

In what Nine News Melbourne called a “graphic error”, Georgie Purcell claimed that a picture of her used as a promo for the network’s Monday night news bulletin had been changed to give her “enlarged boobs” and reveal her midriff.

Sharing the modified image next to the original on X, the MP for Northern Victoria, said: “Having my body and outfit photoshopped by a media outlet was not on my bingo card.

“Note the enlarged boobs and outfit to be made more revealing.

“Can’t imagine this happening to a male MP.

“What gives?”

She later pointed out that she has her “whole stomach tattooed”, which does not appear in the photoshopped image.

Issuing an apology, Hugh Nailon, director of Nine News Melbourne, blamed the image changes on an “automation by Photoshop”.

“I would like to sincerely apologize to Georgie Purcell for a graphic error that occurred in last night’s bulletin,” he said in a statement posted by the network.

“Our graphics department sourced an online image of Georgie to use in our story on duck hunting.

“As is common practice, the image was resized to fit our specifications. During that process, the automation by Photoshop created an image that was not consistent with the original.

Georgie Purcell.  Pic: Animal Justice Party
Ms Purcell is one of the youngest MPs in Victoria’s parliament. Pic: Animal Justice Party

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“This did not meet the high editorial standards we have and for that we apologize to Ms Purcell unreservedly.”

In 2022, Ms Purcell, 31, won her seat as an Animal Justice Party MP after becoming one of the youngest women elected to the Legislative Council in Victoria.

She has previously been vocal about online abuse she has received during her time in politics over her tattoos and wearing bold parliamentary outfits, according to Sky News Australia.

She appeared on the Nine News program on Monday evening to discuss the controversial decision by state leader Jacinta Allan not to ban duck hunting.

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