Bigg Boss Kannada 10: Varthur Santhosh’s marital status sparks speculation; unseen wedding album surfaces online

Controversy continues to swirl around Bigg Boss Kannada Season 10 contestants Varthur Santhosh, who recently grabbed headlines for his arrest for wearing a tiger claw locket on the show. Now, the spotlight is back on him as old pictures from what appears to be his secret marriage have surfaced on social media, raising questions about his marital status.
Unearthing Varthur Santhosh’s secret marriage
Varthur Santhosh’s romantic connection with fellow contestant Tanisha Kuppanda within the Bigg Boss house has already put his relationship status under scrutiny. However, recent revelations indicate that Varthur is not only married but also a father to a baby girl. According to sources, he got married during the COVID-19 pandemic, Varthur and his wife Jayashree, reportedly separated due to undisclosed reasons.
The wedding photos and videos, now viral on social media, present a stark contrast to Varthur’s public persona, as he has consistently maintained a low-key approach regarding his marital status.

Intriguingly, Varthur has not mentioned his marriage at any point during his stay in the Bigg Boss house, and it seems the information was kept hidden from both the audience and fellow housemates.
A shocker to many!
The revelation has left fans and viewers stunned, as Varthur Santhosh had previously expressed a desire to remain unmarried while conversing with his fellow contestants inside the Bigg Boss house.
The discrepancy between his statements inside the house and the emerging evidence on social media adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing controversy.

The Bigg Boss house, known for its twists and turns, now faces the fallout of this unexpected revelation. Varthur Santhosh’s failure to disclose his marital status has sparked discussions among fans, with some expressing disappointment in his perceived lack of transparency.
What will happen next?
As the news of Varthur Santhosh’s secret marriage continues to captivate social media, it remains to be seen how this revelation will impact his journey on Bigg Boss Kannada Season 10. The unfolding drama promises more surprises, as viewers await Varthur’s response to the growing speculation surrounding his personal life.

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