Creating forever memories with soulful wedding photography | Hindi Movie News

Weddings photography has evolved to a stylishly capturing special, fun lifetime moments and Magic Motion Media has, apparently, earned a name for transforming candid and enduring content from weddings into timeless collages.
The India and UAE-based photography company says that what sets them apart is their soulful approach to wedding photography. For this, the agency connects to clients like a family. They say they only take on clients with whom they feel a synergy, to ensure that it results in an unforgettable experience and stunning memories.
CEO Ruben Bijy Thomas says, “We believe in weaving stories that capture the soul of each wedding. Our commitment is not just to produce beautiful images and films, but to encapsulate the emotions and essence of every couple’s special day. We are not just photographers; we are storytellers who bring magic to life. He also points out that they have “an exceptional team to ensure a seamless experience to clients”, by taking care of all the processes before and after the wedding day.
The photography company has, apparently, become a favorite among celebrities, as among others. Speaking of their service at her recent wedding, actress Amala Paul said, “Thank you for capturing the soulful and heartwarming moments of our wedding so beautifully. Your work will be cherished for a lifetime. ” Actor Kalidas Jayaram, who recently got engaged to model Tarini Kalingarayar, has also appreciated their work. “Tarini and I can’t express how happy we are seeing the images. “We are glad that we have you guys covering our special day,” he said.

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