Kayla Itsines has tied the knot with Jae Woodroffe, but there’s a foot detail in the wedding pics

Personal trainer and influencer Kayla Itsines has tied the knot with her new husband, Jae Woodroffe, but a detail in the wedding photos needs to be discussed.

Itsines shared a photo of an intimate moment from the ceremony, with the couple sharing a kiss on a raised platform surrounded by flowers on their wedding day in Adelaide.

“Just married my best friend, and we couldn’t be happier. The most perfect day ever,” she captioned the photo.

Itsines, 32, wore a clingy satin dress that looked gorgeous and featured a low back and spaghetti straps.

She looked both elegant and chic on her big day… and then there was him.

Woodroffe wore an off-white suit and some spotless white sneakers. No, not a dress shoe — he didn’t even opt for the classic RM Williams boot Aussie men are so fond of.

Woodroffe’s sneakers were so bright it looked like he’d popped down to Hype and purchased the sneakers the morning of.

Fitness icon Itsines had glammed herself up to the nines, and she was wearing the kind of enclosed shoe that would get you entry into a bowling club, but a lecture from your Nan about putting in more effort.

Itsines’ Instagram announcement that they were married had people congratulating them, including famous influencers like Steph Claire Smith, Martha Kalifatidis and Bec Judd.

Yet some foot police online were also agitated by the hoof covering the groom chose to wear for his big day.

“Did he seriously wear runners to the altar?” one asked.

“Trainers at the altar, classy,” another cracked.

One person claimed that when a bride wears sneakers to a wedding it is seen as “classy” but when a groom does it is called “trashy”.

“Good to see how double standards are alive and well,” they complained.

The laidback sneaker trend is becoming more and more of a thing at weddings, with people opting for comfort over chic, and if shorts are now allowed at the Melbourne Cup’s Birdcage, could we be surprised?

Sure, it means the earth grippers aren’t looking super glam on the Big Day, but is that a bad thing?

Interestingly, this move isn’t as random as you might think because Itsines is such a fan of white sneakers herself.

She did a post about them on Facebook way back in 2018. Yep, she felt passionately enough about the white flipper coverings that she addressed the fact she always wore them.

“Why do I always wear white sneakers? I get that a lot; the answer is because they look so clean and nice, and I have a slight love for cleaning,” she explained.

So, while Woodroffe’s shoes might have seemed a bit random, they make perfect sense for the famous pair.

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