Readers share their vintage photos

A 20-year-old Fred Karl atop a Sherman tank in Berlin, 1945. Karl would later represent Volusia County as a member of the Florida House and Senate.
Edward "Fireball" Roberts, drives the beach in 1964 with passenger Tammy Wilson, 6, only a few months before his death.

Thanks to all the readers who have sent photos in for use on this page. Lately, we’ve seen some striking finds.

Rick Karl wrote in and sent along a photo of his father, Fred Karl, then 20 years old, atop a Sherman tank — a medium tank M4A3 (76)W HVSS assigned to D Company, 2nd Armored Division, nicknamed “the Daytona Beach, “Karl informs us.

The photo was taken at the fall of Berlin, 1945. The elder Karl would return home and go on to represent Volusia County as a member of the Florida House and Senate before sitting on the Florida Supreme Court.

Tim Langford’s motorcycle photos graced an earlier page. Here’s another from his collection, taken by longtime News-Journal photographer Ed Baggett. The photograph appeared in the pages of The Daytona Beach Morning Journal in 1964, and shows Edward “Fireball” Roberts on a carefree motorcycle ride only months before his death. “Here the Fireballer gives Tammy Wilson, 6, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wilson, of Daytona Beach, a lift,” the newspaper caption said.

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