Woman Pays Rs 2.5 Lakh For The ‘Worst’ Wedding Photos Ever

Last Updated: August 03, 2023, 17:04 IST

The photographer stopped answering the couple's phone calls.  (Photo Credits: Instagram)

The photographer stopped answering the couple’s phone calls. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

The woman revealed she paid approximately Rs 2.5 lakh to her wedding photographer only to discover that all her moments turned out to be blurry and of poor quality.

On their wedding day, couples often aim for a dreamy atmosphere and hire top photographers to capture the beauty of the special occasion. Most couples cherish their wedding photos and feel emotional joy when revisiting them. However, for this TikTok user, her wedding photos evoke feelings of frustration and sadness, leading her to tears whenever she sees them.

According to a report in New York Post, Brooke, in a viral TikTok video, said she spent $3,000 (approx Rs 2.5 lakh) on her wedding photos only to discover that all her moments turned out to be blurry and of poor quality, leaving her frustrated. She mentioned that looking at her wedding photos “makes me cry every single day.”

In her video, she showcased the “worst first dance wedding photos” she received from the photographer. The images were not only out of focus but also captured her making an odd face during the dance.

Brooke said she informed the photographer about being unhappy with the photos but got no satisfactory response from the other side. “All it did was really piss her off,” she said. “Still haven’t gotten my stuff that I have owed. Mind you I paid this woman $3,000.”

She also claimed the photographer had stopped answering her husband or mother-in-law’s calls. That is when she decided to make the video which has now gained over 2.6 million views. Disappointed and tired of the concerned photographer’s unresponsiveness, she also asked her followers and the TikTok community for help and support.

Over 6,400 commenters flooded the video, sympathizing with Brooke’s situation and suggesting legal action against the photographer. Many users were shocked by the poor quality of the photos and encouraged Brooke to seek legal counsel since the photographer had apparently ghosted her.

In response to her request for help, several kind-hearted photographers offered to provide Brooke with free “wedding attire sessions” to capture beautiful moments with her husband and family. The generosity displayed by fellow photographers touched Brooke, who appreciated the outpouring of support from the TikTok community.

In a subsequent video, Brooke revealed more stills she received from the photographer, which depicted her with her head cut off in one image and from an unflattering angle in another, leaving her feeling self-conscious. Concerned viewers questioned whether Brooke had thoroughly researched the photographer, but she explained that she met the woman at a wedding fair and received positive recommendations from friends who had used her services. Despite this, some TikTok users expressed disbelief that the photographer was a professional.

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