Darwis Triadi’s Mobile Photography Tips with Oppo Reno 3, It’s Easy!

Report by Nextren journalist, Fahmi Bagas

Nextren.com – Darwuis Triadi is one of the workers in the world of photography whose name is well known in Indonesia.

Starting decades ago, the man who is often called Om Darwis admits that he always follows developments in camera technology.

He said that the most extreme camera revolution in Indonesia occurred about 15 years ago.

That year was the beginning of the change from analog cameras to digital.

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“After the revolution in cameras, I still think that at that time there was a total change,” said Om Darwis during an exhibition of his work at the National Museum, Central Jakarta.

“But it turns out that after I understood photography, I felt that the real technology that changed was only the tools.” he continued

According to him, the camera is just a tool for taking pictures.

The most important thing in taking pictures is the light in the shooting process.

However, as time goes by, the need for cameras such as pocket or DSLR for ordinary people is not something that is premier.

Currently, cellphone cameras can also take pictures that can be compared to camera images.

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