Trenton: Failed restaurant vandal caught on camera

A group of individuals were caught trying to vandalize an eastern Ontario restaurant, but things didn’t exactly go as planned.

In CCTV video shared to social media by The Counter Restaurant in Trenton, Ont., three people are spotted approaching the entrance of the business. One of them proceeds to pick up a large plant box filled with soil on the sidewalk and attempts to throw it at the restaurant.

As the person lifts the box, the entirety of its contents spills back onto them and results in them falling back onto the snowy sidewalk.

The person then lies on the snow for a few moments, before the group is seen leaving the area. One of them returns to put the plant box back into place.

The restaurant’s landlord Raul DeBorja said in an email to CTV News that the incident occurred on Friday, Jan. 12 sometime between 10:25 and 11 pm

“I have to say it’s quite hilarious but upsetting at the same time,” DeBorja said.

DeBorja says the business has filed a report with Ontario Provincial Police with regards to the incident. The box was not completely broken and there was no other damage to the restaurant.

CTV News has reached out to OPP for more information on the individuals.

Trenton is located about 170 kilometers east of Toronto and 100 kilometers west of Kingston.

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