Paranormal: Tahlia Murphy says ghost of her daughter Taidyn appears in Rockhampton wedding photo

A Queensland mum who lost her baby girl in a shocking accident opened up about the chilling moment she spotted an eerie detail in this wedding picture.

Tahlia Murphy and her husband Cecil, 28, were left heartbroken in September last year after their 17-month-old daughter Taidyn — affectionately known as Totty — tragically drowned in the family’s spa bath at home.

The 33-year-old — who is also mum to Paityn, 12, Laikyn, 6, and Haivyn, 4 — tied the knot with her partner exactly three months after losing their youngest daughter, as a way to honor her memory and bring their family together.

She told that their wedding day was made extra special by honoring Totty’s life.

The couple left an extra seat empty for their daughter, showcased beautiful paintings of her around the ceremony and brought along their new puppy, Tella, who was named after Totty’s favorite food, nutella.

“We made sure that Totty was everywhere on our special day,” the Rockhampton mum said.

“We had a big photo of her, our favorite one, hanging up, she had a special seat reserved for her, she had a beautiful bouquet made in her name.

“Everywhere you looked, you would be reminded of her. We wanted to honor and include her in every way that we could.”

A photographer was also on hand at their wedding to snap all of the heartfelt family moments from the day, but Tahila had no idea they would actually capture something much more special.

In one of the pictures, the bride and groom are photographed together in a sweet embrace, but in the corner of the picture, Tahlia says a ghostly figure can be seen.

The mother believes this is the appearance of her beloved daughter, Totty, who she says appears to be looking on at her parents from behind a tree, wearing a white dress.

Tahlia said she “got chills” when she realized what she was seeing, and had similar reactions from her friends and family when she showed them the picture.

“The photographer, Laken, has taken our family pictures for the last three years and we love her, so of course we wanted her to be involved on the day,” she said.

“I got that actual photograph back the night of the wedding, and I didn’t notice anything unusual at the time. I was just enthralled with how beautiful the photo was.

“A few days later, a friend of mine messaged me and said ‘your beautiful daughter is in your wedding photos, look’ and showed me. I couldn’t believe it.

“I literally ran out to where my husband was and showed him, we both got shivers down our spine.”

Tahlia explained that she has always been open-minded when it came to conversations about ghosts and spirits.

But now after seeing this picture, she truly believes in the power of the paranormal.

After posting the incredible photo on TikTok, it has quickly gone viral, racking up nearly 1.5 million views and thousands of comments from people around the world.

“I am quite open to the paranormal. My dad passed away when I was 8, so I’ve always tried to pick up little things from him over the years,” she explained.

“I don’t believe in many things, but as soon as I saw that photo I was gobsmacked.

“Then it went viral on TikTok. I’ve gotten so many messages from people saying it gave them goosebumps and that they couldn’t believe it.”

Tahlia’s story has touched many hearts, and she has received many messages from other parents who have lost children saying that it gives them hope.

“They said that she definitely wouldn’t have missed our special day. She made herself known.

“I was contacted by other parents who also have lost children, and they said it had given them hope that their children were still around.

“Sometimes it can feel like they’re gone forever, and you miss them so much, it’s always so hard to lose anyone we love.

“But when it’s a child, that’s a different level of grief. But I truly believe that after they pass away, they never truly leave us.”

Tahlia and Cecil say they think about their little girl every day, but always try to remember the good times, and celebrate her life and the time she had on this earth.

“There are so many amazing things about Totty, I wouldn’t even know where to start,” the mum added.

“She was so funny and cheeky. She loved to dance and have fun, She loved nutella, devon, twisties and chicken nuggets.

“She was the best little eater. She was very curious and inquisitive, she was into everything all the time and on the go all the time.

“Totty was so happy and always smiling. She was the perfect baby and toddler. She was like my little shadow.

“Losing her was incredibly hard, but we had to stay strong for our other children. They are what keeps me going.”

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