Inappropriate wedding photos spark outrage online

Image courtesy of Sanook.

A wedding in Vietnam was closely watched following the behavior of four young women recently, sparking fiery discussions on line. The four all dressed in Vietnam’s traditional Ao Dai attire, their chosen hue being sweet pink for the occasion, and posed for pictures in a way that did not sit well with netizens. Their chosen poses involved revealing their derriere by purposefully opening their outfits, with one woman placing her hand on her friend’s derriere, and another placing her hand on a friend’s chest. All these photos were taken against a backdrop of a wedding banquet table, clearly before the banquet began.

As soon as the collection of these unconventional photos made its rounds on social media, the women were instantly criticized by netizens. Although it is unclear whether the four were bridesmaids or members of the banquet’s staff, all online voices heartily agreed that the young women committed a highly inappropriate act at someone else’s wedding ceremony. Netizens said that regardless of how attractive one may be, distasteful behavior like this is entirely intolerable, reported Sanook.

Image courtesy of Sanook

“You can argue that it’s just a fun, playful photo shoot, right? However, any defense you have would still invite criticism. Don’t forget that every wedding is a significant event for each couple. Everything went well until your action – that alone has tarnished the wedding.”

“I really wondered how the bride felt after seeing those pictures. It was her wedding, she should have cautioned them in time before her wedding became a subject of disgust.”

“Oh dear, they wear Ao Dai but act disrespectfully. Back in my village, we carefully select our bridesmaids. Only courteous ones are chosen, considering the wedding also serves as the ceremony to worship our ancestors. Not everyone gets to be chosen for wearing an Ao Dai.”

“Their posing is so disgusting. Look at where they placed their hands.”

“They have pretty faces, gorgeous makeup, beautiful outfits, but your actions are horrendous, girls.”

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